How to get a work permit for teaching English in Vietnam?

Linh Pham

June 3, 2020


How to get a work permit for teaching English in Vietnam?

Linh Pham

June 3, 2020

In an integrated global economy, English is an almost imperative language to communicate and perform all jobs. Currently, in Vietnam, the number of foreign language teaching centres is increasing as the result of the increasing demand for learning foreign languages. Working at a language centre is a common choice for many foreigners who want to settle down in Vietnam, but requires the work permit.

However, with strict regulations on foreign workers, many English centres and foreigners themselves face difficulties in labour procedures. In this article, Viettonkin will assist you with the detailed process of getting a work permit for teaching English in Vietnam.

The increasing demand for learning and teaching English in Vietnam

Today there are more than one billion people who speak English worldwide. English has become a bridge for those who want to gain knowledge and access to modern science and technology in the world. Good at English is one of the advantages for you to be recruited by the employer. Thus, parents nowadays are focusing on giving their children to English centers and students are also finding English communication centers to improve their English skills as well.

To meet the needs of English learners of the majority of Vietnamese people, many foreign-invested and domestic English language centers have been established with a variety of training methods fitting each targeted group of trainees. As a result, the demand for foreign teachers is getting higher and higher. 

A teacher is teaching English for Vietnamese students.

Vietnam also becomes an attractive land for foreigners to work English teachers. Acknowledging the high demand for learning English in Vietnam, more and more foreigners who are proficient in English come to Vietnam and become teachers at English centers.

With a decent salary for foreign teachers, Vietnam is considered an attractive place for foreign job seekers. However, under the rigid regulations, foreign teachers may find it challenging to legally teach English in Vietnam. But getting work permits will be easier if foreigners follow the specific requirements under the Vietnamese labor law. 

How to get a work permit for teaching English in Vietnam?

This main part of the article will adapt the content of the article named “How to get a Work Permit to teach English in Vietnam

Under Vietnamese labor law, a foreigner has to apply for and obtain a work permit in order to legally work in Vietnam and to renew business visas. The application needs to be submitted within a reasonable amount of time or you may be requested to leave Vietnam when your visa expires.

There are 2 steps to obtain a Vietnam work permit: 

Step 1: Applying for Business Visa

Step 2: Applying for Vietnam Work Permit

To apply for a Working Visa for Vietnam you will need:

  1. Either a University degree or higher degree. For some fields you can also use a professional skills certificate.
  2. A work contract.
  3. Support from your employer to get the work permit.

What paperwork are you required to provide?

  1. Work permit application form – from Judicial Department of the city in Vietnam where you are going to stay or: Ho Chi Minh City: the address: 141 – 143 Pasteur street, ward 6, District 3, HCM city. You can apply for a work permit when you have a work contract, either when you are here, or if you have someone in Vietnam can do it on your behalf, ideally the school should help.
  2. Work permission application letter -ask for a template
  3. Criminal record: If you have stayed in Vietnam for more than 6 months, you will have to get the criminal record that is issued by the Judiciary Department of the city where you are living. In case you are not in Vietnam or you have stayed here for less than 6 months, you will have to get that criminal record from your Authority Government.
  4. A copy of your certificate or degree: This can be: university degree, higher degree or a special professional skills certificate ex. accountant certificate.  This paperwork will then be translated into Vietnamese and certified by a Vietnamese Government agency to prove that this translated version has the same meaning as the original one and can be used legally in Vietnam. You will also need to get it “authenticated” -Your degree will need to be certified by the Notary Public department in your country.
  5. Health check: There is a list of hospitals that has the authority to give you a health check in Vietnam and only the hospitals on this list are qualified to prove your health for the work permit application. You will get this list with the first 2 templates for paperwork; the Work permit application form and Work permission application form. In case, you are not in Vietnam, you can get a health check from any hospital in the country that you are staying. This health check is valid for 6 months.
  6. Curriculum vitae with a passport photo
  7. 3 new passport photos: Your passport photo will have to follow the standards of passport photos in Vietnam.

Personal documents teachers must have for a work permit 

Basically, to apply for a work permit in Vietnam, foreign teachers have to prepare and submit some following kinds of documents: 

  • A university or college degree;
  • A teaching certificate (Certificate in TESOL, Certificate in TFSOL, etc.)
  • A letter of working experience confirmation from former employers at least 3 years in the relevant position
  • Foreign Police Clearance Certificate or Vietnam Criminal Record

How to legalize the foreign documents for use in Vietnam

A lot of documents are required during a lengthy process. You may get your documents notarized and legalized in the wrong way or you may forget to prepare some documents which result in work permit rejection.  These documents must be legalized via 2 options below:

Option 1: Legalized by native Ministry Foreign Affair and Vietnamese embassy or consulate overseas of the country where the expat is a resident “RECOMMEND”

Option 2: Certified by home country embassy or consulate in Vietnam then legalized by Ministry of Foreign Affair in Vietnam

It sounds like such a lot of complicated procedures to successfully achieve a work permit in Vietnam for teaching English in particular. But if you spend time fulfilling your files with all the relevant required documents, your plan to work as English teachers in Vietnam would be easier to conduct. We hope that this article may be helpful with you and everything you need to be assisted, Viettonkin is always ready and you can contact us anytime

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