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How to hire interns suitable for your company in HCMC ?

Trường Lăng

December 18, 2019

Doing Business

How to hire interns suitable for your company in HCMC ?

Trường Lăng

December 18, 2019

With the drastic economy increase, Ho Chi Minh City (HCMC) has become Vietnam economic center and a hotbed of economic development. International corporations and local SME and startups in every industry choose this city to be their invest destination. Therefore, the demand of human resources keeps increasing while the offer struggles to follow. Recruiting young graduates is no exception to this situation and companies struggle to hire motivated and skilled interns. Here are a few tips from Viettonkin Manpower experts on how to hire interns in HCMC.

Part 1: Where to find interns in HCMC ?

In HCMC, interns can be freelancers, job seekers or new graduates.  They all look to gain practical experience and networking opportunities. In particular areas, there are some renowned universities you can consider to look for your talent candidates. These universities can be divided into five categories, all based in HCMC:

Business Administration

IT and Engineering


General and International Universities

Other (Medicine and Pharmacy, Social Sciences, Languages, Architecture, etc.)

The students from the above-mentioned universities are known as creative and dynamic individuals. Their training combines specialist knowledge and soft skills.

Part 2: Design a stategy

Pinpoint your requirement for the intern’s qualification

The qualifications depend on each specific position. However, in general, there are some skills that an intern should have if they want to build a professional working relationship with your company. We recommend this excellent article to narrow down the skills you need from your interns :

The industries’ requirements change fast. Consequently, HCMC students are more proactive to gain skills and networking. However, in the past years, several companies mentioned that more needs to be done in language skills and critical thinking. Therefore, some mini-tests in advance are necessary to ensure you hire the right interns.

Design a specific program

But, a comprehensive internship program for college students should include information on:

  • learning objectives and goals
  • short- and long-term projects
  • daily responsibilities
  • supervisor assignments
  • evaluation procedures, policies and expectations
  • orientation and off-boarding processes
  • salary or compensation

There is no specific regulation to hire interns in HCMC, whether regionally or in Vietnam Labor Code Law: working tine, basic wage… Nevertheless, common practices are to:

  • do part-time or flexible time,
  • offer an allowance for transportation,
  • pay a reasonable compensation for their dedication.

Select a start day and determine the duration

Concretely, employers start recruiting interns an average of three months before the beginning. If that much time isn’t realistic for you, try to give at least two months for recruiting and onboarding candidates. Generally, the duration of an internship is about three months to one year in HCMC.

Part 3: Where to publicize to hire interns in HCMC

Post the position

At least, the position post should include a few the information about the job and your company. In particular, it is common to present a job description, company profile and benefits offered. Then, you can post this internship on scores of job search sites (Vietnamworks, Ybox). Also, social media are widely used: Linkedin, Facebook. Moreover, your company can contact with the universities to send your available position to student emails.

 Value your candidates

Finally, select the CVs by devising a system for evaluating resumes and submissions to decide which prospective interns you will interview.

So this is useful tips your company can simply follow to recruit appropriate interns with fresh perspective and no wasting of time. Viettonkin Consulting stands by your side with international know-how and local knowledge, all from a single source, allowing you to expand your business successfully in a potential market like Vietnam. If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us via email: or hotline: +84 918 866 858.

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