How is Indonesia’s Employment Culture?

Trường Lăng

September 25, 2019


How is Indonesia’s Employment Culture?

Trường Lăng

September 25, 2019

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Minimum Wage

This is one of the most important things that you have to know. Minimum wage refers to the lowest monthly wage consisting of basic wage including fixed allowance. The employer is prohibited to pay lower wages than the Provincial Minimum Wage. Jakarta has a high minimum wage compared to other smaller cities.

No Region Minimum Wage 2019
1 DKI Jakarta 3,940,972 IDR
2 West Java I,605,396 IDR
3 Bali 2,297,967 IDR
4 East Java 1,630,058 IDR
5 East Kalimantan 2,747,463 IDR

13th Month Salary (Tunjangan Hari Raya)

Tunjangan Hari Raya refers to Religious Holiday Allowance. The employer is obligated to pay the allowance a maximum of 1 week before the religious holiday. Usually, companies in Indonesia choose to have it before the Eid (Religious Holiday For Muslim) and Christmas (For Christian)

Health Insurance

According to the 2016 health insurance policy, all employees must join the Social for Manpower (BPJS) program. This program managed by BPJS Kesehatan to provide universal health care for 2019.

Employment Culture

For Indonesian employee, some things might motivate them more, such as:

  1. Possibility to travel
  2. Outing (team events)
  3. Training (professional skill and language class)
  4. Employee discounts

It is also important to know that

  • Addressing Superiors

Inside the workplace, it is very important to refer a person who has a higher position as ‘sir’ or Bapak and ‘ma’am’ or Ibu. This shows the respect and politeness to the senior. It is not common to call them by their first name or nickname.

  • Private Criticism

It is important to know that some Indonesian hate confrontation especially when it comes to their weakness. Keeping criticism as a private manner is preferred work culture in Indonesia. Here, nobody likes the feeling of being embarrassed publicly.

  • Co-workers become friends

Unlike other countries where most people separate between being a co-worker and a friend, Indonesian tend to blurs this line. Do not be surprised if Indonesian ask a personal question to you.
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