How To Get Work Permit in Singapore?

Nora Setiawan

August 6, 2020


How To Get Work Permit in Singapore?

Nora Setiawan

August 6, 2020

Singapore is a promising country to live and work, as the country ranks second as the most globalized economy in the world. The global competitiveness report 2014-2015 named Singapore as the world’s second prospering economy.

You may ask questions about why Singapore is so popular for getting a job, because it has high wages, low unemployment rate, excellent work conditions, and nourishing business development and also an investment climate. It also made the country competitive as the set of institutions, policies, and factors that determine the level of its productivity.

As the economy is booming, Singapore companies are eager to acquire overseas specialists, offering top salaries, good benefits packages to attract highly-skilled workers and talents. For example, with a median salary of S$3.500 per month, software engineers can earn up to S$72.000 annually, although general practitioners usually receive around S$80.000 per year.

The businesses in Singapore offer their employees a variety of benefits, such as transport, health care, retirement, disability, education, and childcare schemes. You can even have flexible benefits, which allow you to trade off salary for benefits and the other way around.

The career opportunities in Singapore are much evolving, that is why many foreigners are in job hunting there. The diversity of industries in the country also means there are a million possibilities for employees across a wide variety of sectors and levels of seniority.

One thing that you need to remember is after securing a job offer in Singapore, you need to obtain a work permit. It is relatively straightforward and can be completed online. The work permits are also issued for entrepreneurs wishing to start their own businesses. 

In this article, you will find the information about the requirements that you need to prepare, and the steps to get a work permit in Singapore. Let’s read the article until its end!

The Requirements For Work Permit in Singapore

Both employers and workers have to comply with the Conditions of Work Permits. If you are an employer and you want to employ foreign workers, you must meet the following requirements:

  • Only employ foreign workers who have a valid work pass
  • Pay your workers the fixed monthly salary that you declare
  • Pay workers their salaries and the cost of their maintenance, including the cost of medical treatment.
  • Ensure foreign workers have proper housing
  • Buy and maintain medical insurance for each worker to cover in-patient care and surgery costs.
  • Send your workers for a medical examination by a Singapore-registered doctor. If they are certified medically unfit, their Work Permit will be revoked.
  • Pay the monthly foreign worker levy for each worker.
  • Buy a security bond for each non-Malaysian worker.
  • Not demand or receive any sum or other benefit from an employment agency or any other person in connection with the employment or change in employment of a foreign worker.

If you are a foreign worker, you must meet the following requirements:

  • Work only in the occupation and for the employer specified in the Work Permit card.
  • Not take part in any other business or start their own business.
  • Reside only at the address set by the employer at the start of employment. They must inform you, if they are to change their address.
  • Carry their original Work Permit at all times and produce it for inspection on demand by any public officer.
  • Not marry a Singapore citizen or Permanent Resident in or outside Singapore without approval from MOM. This applies even after their Work Permit is expired, cancelled or revoked.
  • Not get pregnant or deliver a child in Singapore during the validity of their Work Permit unless they are already married to a Singapore Citizen or Permanent Resident with the approval of MOM. This applies even after their Work Permit is expired, cancelled or revoked.

Apply for a Work Permit in Singapore

How to get work permit in Singapore

Generally, the one who applies for a work permit in Singapore is the employer, so we will give the information below for those who hire foreign workers. But, it’s not limited to employers too, as a foreign worker you can understand how to get a work permit and prepare everything. Below are the steps for applying:

1. Submit a Work Permit Application

  • Get a written consent from the foreign worker to apply for Work Permit.
  • Log in to WP Online to fill out the application.
  • Pay $35 for each application. You can pay by GIRO, VISA, MasterCard or eNets debit.
  • Here you can check the status of the application after 1 week.
  • It takes around 1 week to process the application. It may take longer if additional information is required.
  • View the outcome online. If your application is approved, you need to log in to WP Online to print.

2. Prepare For Worker’s Arrival

  • As an employer, you need to buy your foreign workers a security bond and medical insurance.
  • Within 2 weeks of arrival, send them for medical examination by a Singapore-registered doctor.
  • Lastly is print and complete the Security Bond form.

3. Get The Work Permit Issued

  • Register the worker’s residential address and mobile number using OFWAS.
  • Wait for at least an hour before logging in to WP Online to request a Work Permit to be issued.
  • Log in to WP Online to request for Work Permit to be issued.
  • Provide an address, where the card will be delivered.
  • Nominate up to 3 authorized recipients to receive the card, and provide their NRIC, FIN or passport number, mobile numbers, and email address.
  • Pay $35 for each Work Permit issued. You can pay by GIRO, VISA, MasterCard or eNETS debit.
  • After the Work Permit is issued, print the notification letter and give it to the foreign workers. It allows them to travel in and out of Singapore while waiting for the Work Permit card.

4. Register Fingerprints and Photo

  • You need to register the foreign workers’ fingerprints and photos within 1 week after the pass is issued.
  • Ask the workers to bring: Original passport, appointment letter, notification letter, and documents listed in the notification letter.

5. Receive The Card

  • The Work Permit card will be sent to the given address in 4 working days after the workers register and get the documents verified.
  • For workers who do not need to register, the card will be delivered in 4 working days after verifying their documents
  • The authorized recipients will get SMS or email with the delivery details at least 1 working day before delivery.
  • You can check the card delivery details in WP Online.

Getting a work permit in Singapore might be easy, as long as you fulfil the requirements and have your documents well-prepared. If not, it would be taking a longer time than you expect and might end up in rejection as well. However, if you are a foreign worker and need to get a work permit in Singapore, you can contact us below. Viettonkin will always assist you!

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