How To Hire Blockchain Developers In Vietnam

Linh Pham

March 7, 2020


How To Hire Blockchain Developers In Vietnam

Linh Pham

March 7, 2020

Blockchain is predicted as a driver to boost the economy and plan for smart cities as well as a chance for Vietnamese developers to improve their skills. This article will provide you with reasons why you should hire Vietnamese blockchain developers and how to hire blockchain developers in Vietnam.

What is blockchain?

When it comes to blockchain in the technology context, it refers to digital information stored in a public database. If we divide the word “blockchain” into two different words, “block” includes pieces of digital information and “chain” is a store. 

“Blocks” on the blockchain have three parts. Blocks store information related to transaction namely date, time and the spent money of your recent purchase. Besides, blocks contain data about purchasers and sellers (parties of a transaction). Each block is assigned with a unique code (special algorithms) to distinguish from other blocks. 

Blockchain situation in Vietnam

According to Asia Blockchain Review, the interest in blockchain Vietnam is dramatically accelerating. Blockchain is believed by top researchers to bring $1 trillion in commercial benefits to SMEs in emerging markets like Vietnam.

Moreover, the Vietnamese government has the intention of applying blockchain in building smart cities. Three big cities in Vietnam consisting of Hanoi, Ho Chi Minh and Da Nang have been chosen to implement a smart city project and join ASEAN Smart Cities Network.

Additionally, at the Vietnam Blockchain Week in 2018, the experts and entrepreneurs emphasized that Vietnamese youngsters are good at maths and well-trained in computer science. Therefore, Vietnam is a good source for foreign investors to seek blockchain talents. For instance, around 40 engineers in Vietnam are working to develop LINA REVIEW – a blockchain-based review platform where users can build their own review system and get rewards for them. 

Shortage of qualified blockchain developers

blockchain developer

The demand for blockchain developers is high

When it comes to blockchain developers, organizations can hire in-house blockchain developers or out-house blockchain developers. Nowadays, Vietnam is becoming an emerging market for foreign investors to hire blockchain developers.

In fact, the demand for seeking blockchain developers is rocketing, up to 517%, according to a report published in 2019 by job search Hired. In the US, more than 1775 jobs related to blockchain developers were opened on Glassdoor, increased 300% compared to the same period of the previous year. Besides, in the Asia area, Singapore and Hong Kong are two places that had 85 and 79 job openings in 2018.

Despite the high demand for blockchain developers, there is a shortage of skilled blockchain developers. Companies of all sizes and across various industries have put much effort into finding suitable blockchain developers. Therefore, a lot of organizations have set up their own blockchain hub and R&D departments overseas namely IT hubs in Vietnam and other countries. 

Reasons why you should choose Vietnam as a place to hire skilled blockchain developers

blockchain developers working together

Education background

Vietnam students, in general, are pretty good at mathematics and are oriented to study in the STEM-based education program. Furthermore, many universities in Vietnam including UIT, HCMUT,  Funix and so forth offer courses in Computer Programming with specialized lessons about blockchain.

Online courses to help students are also available. These online courses allow blockchain leaners or specialists to gain knowledge and essential skills in programming, data analytics, system architecture and product development for blockchain-utilized solutions. 

A huge source of blockchain talents

A large number of blockchain engineers globally are using C#, C++, Python, Javascript, and Java. As Linkedin estimated, the number of software developers with Blockchain development skills in Vietnam accounts for over 9,850 developers.

Developers who are specialized in C++ and Python are over 4975 and 3400 respectively. Vietnamese blockchain developers also keep updated with the global trend because the majority of Vietnamese developers are familiar with Javascript, Python, and C++. Obviously, this number is still rising as technology, in particular, Blockchain is more and more popular in Vietnam.

A dynamic community of blockchain developers

Blockchain gurus are so enthusiastic. Vietnam has organized a lot of blockchain conferences with many participants from prestigious tech-powered houses such as Vietnam Blockchain Day, Vietnam Blockchain Week, and Vietnam Mobile Day & Vietnam Web Submit.

Furthermore, local groups and communities also hold regular offline or online meetings and workshops for blockchain developers to discuss and share experiences namely Blockstack Vietnam, Blockchain Vietnam Meet-up…

Exciting Vietnam blockchain startup scene

Blockchain startups in Vietnam are run by Vietnamese founders, hence they understand the Vietnamese market and easily create a comfortable working environment. Noticeable blockchain startups in Vietnam can be mentioned including Nami, Tomo Chain, Cash2vn and Infinito Wallet.

How to choose Vietnamese blockchain developers

Before commencing to hire blockchain developers, it is clear that you should have a detailed assessment and consult with blockchain development companies about your project requirements. This step helps you decide whether you should use blockchain in your project.

After that, you need to assess whether a blockchain developer is suitable for your project and are able to work efficiently with other technologies. Besides coding skills and abilities working with a range of tools of development, ideal blockchain developers should own unique sets of skills that are essential for your blockchain project.

Blockchain developer requirement

Blockchain developers common requirements

So which are unique sets of skills? Blockchain developers should have good knowledge and be experienced with special code concepts such as blockchain, distributed ledger, mining, decentralized consensus, smart contracts, and blockchain consensus algorithms, the Ethereum network, cryptography, crypto-currencies as well as be flexible in using coding languages including Javascript, Python, C++, Golang and so on.

In addition, blockchain developers should have experience in using tools for block projects namely Remix, SoIC, Geth and Blockchain platform including Hyperledger Sawtooth, Ethereum, Hyperledger Fabric, and others.

As blockchain is becoming more and more popular in various industries, it is vital that blockchain developers should acknowledge about regulations and requirements of the projects they are working on.

In case, your company has already had an in-house team, you can still outsource blockchain developers to reduce the workload for your team as well as to create an opportunity for members to study each other. The collaboration with reliable partners will ensure that your blockchain-based solution is effective, secure and commercially viable.

Additionally, salary is an essential factor that will help you attract blockchain developers in Vietnam. Here is a guide for you to know the average salary of tech talents in Vietnam.

In conclusion, Vietnam, it can be said that, is a good source for hiring tech talents, in particular blockchain developers. Since demand for blockchain developers is increasing day by day, foreign investors should outsource their blockchain projects in Vietnam. Vietnamese tech talents are good at using popular programming languages such as Python, Javascript, C++ and so on. Besides, the Vietnamese blockchain community always welcomes developers to share and discuss blockchain-related topics.

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