What should foreigners do to obtain a long-term visa and temporary resident card in Vietnam?

Linh Pham

August 21, 2020

In the world of integration, working abroad or studying abroad is common sense. People travel and collaborate to exchange knowledge and broaden their horizons on culture and religion. Working/ studying abroad tends to last for a certain period of time and in order to settle down in a foreign country for such a period, foreigners have to obtain a long-term visa and temporary resident card. This article provides you with essential pieces of information about a long-term visa and temporary resident card in Vietnam.

Long-term visa

In general, a long-term visa can be classified into a 6-month multiple entry visa and a 1-year multiple entry visa. There are two ways for foreigners to apply for multiple entry visas. The first one is to get a visa on arrival and the second one is to get a visa at the Vietnam Embassy. However, since 1st January 2019, a 6-month or 1-year multiple entry visa for Vietnam on arrival is inaccessible, apart from a 1-year multiple entry visa for US passport holders. 

Required documents

So as to obtain a long-term visa in Vietnam, foreigners should prepare the following documents. 

In terms of visa on arrival, US residents with a passport want to obtain a 1-year multiple entry visa. Regarding getting a visa at Vietnam Embassy, foreigners need to complete an application form, prepare original passport, photos, a sponsor letter of a Vietnam-based company for business via the application. 


You had better follow the entry requirements. These requirements focus on the validity of the passport and visa of foreign applicants. The passport has to be valid for six months beyond your planned stay and foreigners should have at least one blank page in the visa. 

Besides, when you apply for a visa in Vietnam, be sure that you provide the correct option of types of visa that correspond with your travel purpose. Please refer to Vietnam’s Ministry of Foreign Affairs website for information detailing visa categories. If you plan to work in Vietnam, you must obtain a work permit before applying for your visa. If you change the purpose of your visit after you have received your visa, you must obtain a new visa outside of Vietnam appropriate for your new activities before beginning those activities. Please consult the Embassy of Vietnam website for more information.


To get a visa on arrival, first, you need to complete the online application form with some information including full name, passport number, passport expiry date, and pay for a service fee by credit cards. After that, you get the visa approval letter via email within a certain period of time (2 working days for a tourist visa or 7 working days for a business visa). Finally, a foreigner will get a visa stamped upon arrival at Vietnam airport by showing the visa approval letter, 02 passport photos, entry and exit form and stamping fee at the VOA (visa on arrival) counter at Vietnam airport upon landing there.

Procedures of getting a long-term visa in Vietnam

To get a visa at Vietnam Embassy, you go to the office of Vietnam Embassy/ Consulate to submit the application and pay the visa fees or send all the documents and fees to Vietnam Embassy/ Consulate by post. After the embassy approves your documents and your application, you will receive your visa and original passport by post. 

To get a visa at Vietnam embassy

Processing time and fees

For Embassy visa, the visa fees depend on the Embassy that you applied at and you only pay once at the embassy.

For visa on arrival, two kinds of fees shall be covered composing of service fee and standing fees.

Temporary visa resident card

What is a temporary resident card? A temporary resident card is a type of card granted by the government for foreign individuals working, studying, or doing some duties at a host country for a certain period. 

According to Vietnam Visa Immigration, a temporary resident card in Vietnam is granted for seven cases. If you belong to one of seven cases below, you are eligible to apply for a temporary resident card.

– A foreigner who is a member of the two members limited liability company

– A foreigner who is owner of one-member limited liability company (except  for authorized representative)

– A foreigner is a member of a broad director of the stock company

– A foreign lawyer who is licensed to practice Vietnamese law by the Ministry of Justice of Vietnam

– A foreigner who has a working permit in all kinds of businesses or representative offices of foreign enterprises

– Professional, students, trainees who are in international programs signed by the two ministries

– Relatives of a temporary resident cardholder: parents, spouse, and children.

Require documents to register a temporary visa resident card

With a view to registering a temporary resident card, foreigners must prepare: 

– A written request for issuance of temporary residence card for a foreigner by the guarantor

– Information form for temporary residence card attached with photo 3cm x 4cm (Form NA8)

– Copy of passport and a valid visa( bring an original for comparison);

– 02 3*4cm photos (01 one to attach to the Information form, 01 one is kept separately)

– 01 copy of Business Registration Certificate of the legal entity of guaranteeing agency, organization, or enterprise.

– Depending on the circumstances, one of the following is required:

 + Investment certificate or business registration certificate, 

 + License for establishment of representative office, branch of the company, 

 + Certificate of a member of the Board of Directors, 

 + Work permit

 + Investment certificate or Business registration certificate

 + License for establishment of representative office, branch of the company

 + Certificate of member of the Board of Directors

 + Work permit

 + Birth certificate, marriage certificate, family register… if applying for temporary residence cards for husband, wife, child… who are foreigners

 + Proof of temporary residence declaration or Certification of temporary residence in the locality with the seal of the Commune Police

Note: Consular legalization and notarized translation into Vietnamese are necessary for all documents in a foreign language.

Long-term visa and temporary resident card in Vietnam

The result will be released in five working days if sufficient documents are provided. Moreover, the fee of a 1-year temporary resident card is USD 80, 1 year to 2 years is USD 100 and 2 years to 3 years is USD 120. 

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To replicate, obtaining a long-term visa and temporary resident card is necessary for foreign individuals who would like to settle down in a foreign country in a certain period of time. The article provides key information such as required documents, the procedure of registering to eligible individuals. If you would like to have the assistance of getting a visa and temporary resident card, Viettonkin is ready to support you. 

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