Promote FDI attraction in many fields

Trường Lăng

July 5, 2022


Promote FDI attraction in many fields

Trường Lăng

July 5, 2022

nguyen thi hoang
Nguyen Thi Hoang, Vice Chairperson of Dong Nai Province’s People’s Committee

The foreign direct investment (FDI) in Dong Nai has mainly been in the industrial sector so far. In the future so far. Dong Nai province will increase investment promotion to invite FDI enterprises to invest in many other fields. To know more about the trend of FDI attraction in the coming period, Dong Nai Newspaper’s reporter interviewed NGUYEN THI HOANG, Vice Chairperson of Dong Nai province’s People’s Committee.

FDI capital soars

* Madam, Dong Nai province’s FDI attraction orientation in recent years has been to choose high-tech, environmentally friendly projects, supporting industries, tourism, and hi-tech agriculture. In the next 5 years, will there be any change in Dong Nai province’s FDI attraction?

– Dong Nai has developed FDI inflow attraction plan for the next 5-10 years, in which, going on selectively investment attraction, calling for the investment in the projects with high technology, environmentally friendly modern technologies in the fields of supporting industries, high-tech agriculture, and tourism. At the same time, Dong Nai province will boost the investment promotion so that FDI enterprises pay more attention to the projects on technical infrastructure, logistics, smart urban areas, trade and services, and energy. Dong Nai province’s advantage is Long Thanh international airport and such highways as Ben Luc – Long Thanh, Dau Giay – Phan Thiet which have been invested and built… Therefore, FDI enterprises investing in the above fields have many opportunities to be successful.

* In the past 2 years, despite Covid-19 pandemic, many FDI enterprises have come to Dong Nai to survey the investment environment. In your opinion, which field is the most cared by enterprises?

– Despite Covid-19 pandemic, FDI inflows into Dong Nai province in 2020 and 2021 will still rise up. The plan of 2021, FDI attraction into Dong Nai province is about USD 700 million, but it has reached over USD 1.1 billion, more than USD 400 million within 10 months. In the last two months of the year, there will be many FDI enterprises making the new investments and expanding investment in Dong Nai province. In addition to the industrial sector, many FDI enterprises are very interested in, they are planning to inject capital into the projects in trade, services, energy and real estate.

Currently, Vietnam and many countries around the world have moved to live safely with Covid-19 pandemic and apply the policy of reopening the economy. This will be an opportunity for FDI corporations to expand their investment abroad, Dong Nai province will take the advantage of this opportunity to invite FDI enterprises to implement the projects in Dong Nai province, contributing to the economic development.

Attention to investment attraction in the pharmaceutical industry

* During the occurrence of Covid-19 pandemic, Dong Nai as well as many provinces and cities across the country had to import a lot of medical equipment, drugs, the government requested the local authorities to invite the investment in the pharmaceutical sector to reduce imports. With the above sector, what does Dong Nai province plan to attract investment?

– Up to now, there are 42 countries and territories have been invested in Dong Nai province with a total registered capital of nearly USD 32.4 billion. The investment sectors of FDI projects are quite diverse, with different sizes and technology levels, accounting for most of the processing, manufacturing, textile and footwear industries. Until now, Dong Nai will add the pharmaceutical sector to the list of priorities to attract investment to call for the investment from FDI enterprises.

Currently, several of FDI enterprises have invested in pharmaceutical industry with manufacturing plants in such industrial parks as Bien Hoa 2, Amata, Long Thanh, the quantity is, however, still small and the products are mainly for export, the domestic consumption rate is still low.

* Dong Nai province has restored the “new normal” state, enterprises are on the way to restore the production but they still face many difficulties. What priorities does Dong Nai province offer the investors in the current situation?

– Covid-19 pandemic will continue to evolute complicatedly, Dong Nai province has determined to adapt to the new situation. As Dong Nai province has many industrial parks, with more than 1.7 thousand projects in operation, of which more than 70% of projects invested by FDI enterprises, attracting more than 600,000 workers, the restoration of production must be careful, and pandemic must be controlled. From the actual situation, Dong Nai province has based on the Government’s direction to come up with the appropriate measures for the locality to maintain the production and business activities and ensure the pandemic prevention and control.

Dong Nai province gives the investors the priority to implement the projects of supporting industry, high technology, clean technology, limits the attraction of labor-intensive projects so that the loss of labor and production is minimized when the pandemic occurs. At the same time, Dong Nai province supports enterprises by simplifying, shortening the time to resolve the procedures related to investment, production and export, and promptly removing obstacles. In addition, Dong Nai province is prior to promote investment in worker’s house projects to ensure accommodation for workers, when the pandemic occurs, FDI enterprises and enterprises with domestic investment capital can still ensure the number of employees to maintain production.

By the end of October 2021, there have been nearly 1.6 thousand FDI projects invested in Dong Nai province with a total registered capital of nearly USD 32.4 billion. The majority of FDI projects invested in industrial parks to build factories, produce goods for export and consumption in the domestic market.

Source : BaoDongNai

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