Vietnam is a member in 6G race

Trường Lăng

June 8, 2022


Vietnam is a member in 6G race

Trường Lăng

June 8, 2022


Vietnam kicks off 6G research

Such carriers as Viettel, VNPT, MobiFone piloted 5G in 16 provinces/cities (Hanoi, Ho Chi Minh City, Bac Ninh, Bac Giang, Binh Phuoc, Thua Thien Hue, Da Nang, Ba Ria – Vung Tau. Vessel, Hai Phong, Quang Ninh, Vinh Phuc, Dong Nai, Thai Nguyen, Binh Duong, Can Tho, Ben Tre), with more than 500,000 subscribers in 2021.

Said Mr. Nguyen Phong Nha, Deputy Director in charge of the Department of Telecommunications (Ministry of Information and Communications), The Ministry of Information and Communications would officially license 5G commercialization in 2022 and soon cover high-tech industrial parks and areas with high demand in use.

Along with 5G commercialization, Vietnam aims at researching 6G networks right in 2022.

“Vietnam must be in the first group in terms of 5G and 6G development: Allocating 5G frequency and developing 5G networks nationwide, starting 6G research right in 2022,” directed by Nguyen Manh Hung, Minister of Information and Communications.

And that the Minister also announced that Vietnam would be one of the first 10 countries in the world to have 6G Steering Committee, and affirmed that Vietnam must be globally the leading in 6G technology and the frequency will be licensed by the Ministry of Information and Communications in 2028 (if it is possible), it should be carried out before commercializing 6G.

The above statement is seriously significant as Vietnam is among the leading countries participating in 6G race. Accordingly, the Ministry of Information and Communications determined that “Vietnam must go along with developed countries in the world in researching, deploying and applying the new and most advanced technologies”. 6G technology is being researched by a few countries.

In China, 6G was started to be researched in 2018 and it is expected to be introduced to the public by 2029. In the same year 2018, the US also started implementing 6G research and a wireless technology research alliance in the North America named Next G established in 2020 with the participation of technology and telecommunications corporations such as Apple, Google and AT&T.

South Korea planned to introduce 6G in 2026 with the participation of LG, Samsung and SK Telecom. Korea’s investment in the digital economy, including 6G, amounted to USD 11.7 billion.

Meanwhile, Japan started 6G research with the participation of Sony, NTT and Intel in 2020 and they planned to launch next-generation connectivity technology by 2030, put USD 9.6 billion (including 6G and other technologies) in the development fund.

Particularly, with the participation of European countries, Finland, Germany, the UK and Russia have started 6G research since 2020.

Thus, it can be seen that Vietnam is one of the few developing countries that announced their participation in the “playground” of 6G technology research.

The above statement is valid when Vietnam’s 5G technology belongs to the group of the earliest successful trial participants. At the beginning of 2020, Vietnam started carrying out the first 5G call on Viettel’s network in Hanoi, Vietnam became one of the earliest successful trial countries of 5G network in the world.

On the other hand, Viettel successfully researched complete 5G products, including 5G core network, 100G Site Router transmission network, gNodeB Micro and Macro radio network in Vietnam. The company also piloted a complete 5G network cluster in December 2021. These factors created a springboard and confidence for Vietnam to join in a future-led technology game.

Vietnamese enterprises are excited about 6G

Although 5G has not been commercialized yet, with the wireless network replacement cycle of every 10 years, 6G could be launched as early as 2030. Therefore, if researching and developing 6G technology is successful, the countries will have the great advantages in commercializing and leading the technology. Some Vietnamese carriers have planned to join 6G game.

There have not been any 6G standard yet, but 6G is theoretically estimated to achieve the speed of 1 terabit/s, which means that users can download 142 hours of video content at the highest resolution per second. Compared to 5G, the theoretical speed of 6G network is as fast as 100 times.

Said a Viettel leader, in 2022, Viettel will continue to develop semiconductor technology to market 5G chipsets in Vietnam, and at the same time start researching 6G technology. 6G will be globally piloted in 2025, so at the latest in 2023, Viettel will have to research 6G to wait for an application in 2028, at the latest in 2030.

“By 2023, Viettel will take its position in globally 6G technology and Viettel will contribute many patents, set standards in the telecommunications industry, recognized and introduced by the International Telecommunication Union (ITU), “said the leader of Viettel.

Said Huynh Quang Liem, General Director of VNPT Group, a country that masters the global new technology will have many advantages. It is not too early to research 6G technology from the time 5G begins commercialization, because it usually takes 8-10 years for researching a new generation.

Said VNPT leaders, VNPT will continue the strategy of 4G coverage and 5G commercialization as planned in 2022, at customers’ needs. At an appropriate time, VNPT will join 6G game.

It can be seen that research and development of 6G is a game of the future, with the participation of the most potential technology powers. Vietnam’s participation in the game shows its confidence and willingness to join the world in the latest technology generations. Success or failure, more or less achievement is the story of the future, because 6G is still zero at this time, but at least, we also show the world a Vietnam that dares to join the game for the “giants” only.

Source : Baodautu

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