Corporate Secretarial Services

Helps you manage all the corporate secretarial services you need


Corporate Secretarial Services

Helps you manage all the corporate secretarial services you need

What we do

In Corporate Secretarial services, Viettonkin will serve our clients and we will be in charged for all the activities occurred in the process of acquiring corporate secretary as below:

  • Create all documents which are related to the capital contribution, shares…
  • Arrange and build detailed work plans for the organizations; help clients for tracking and reminding about schedules.
  • Carry out preparations (such as announcements, meeting notices, meeting agenda and meeting content)
  • Attend the meeting as secretary to draft meeting minutes and resolutions in meetings as requested.
  • Support on searching and renting locations and managing registered locations of Viettonkin clients.
  • Support on researching information, legal documents and updating legal documents according to general to specific fields;
  • Carry out both procedures and revision for business registration such as registration for the establishment of a subsidiary, branch office, representative office, change in charter capital or head office, etc.
  • Consult our clients on their issues of taxes, invoices occurred monthly, quarterly, year, … and draft sales contracts, business cooperation, … before signing any contracts with clients as well as our partners.
  • Advice clients on all activities for expanding their business activities such as M&A, expand market share by foreign direct investment, the establishment of foreign branch offices and representative offices, etc.



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